The Ultimate Guide To Ryujinx: Everything You Need To Know

The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s best selling system of time and for good reason, it is novel being able to be a home and portable console, has fun first and thirty part games and has a lot of support both from fans, developers, and the company.

It is no surprise then that emulation of Switch Games will follow suit. Ryujinx is a strong contender for the best Switch Emulator for Windows and Linux devices with a large community behind despite being a fairly new competitor because of its performance, features, fast updates, and active development team both on GitHub, Discord, and Reddit among others. 

There are progress reports to keep users and potential users alike on upcoming developments, new fixes, and performance improvements on an almost monthly basis. This gives users a sense of security that once they have set up their emulator they will not be left in the dust with a buggy and lackluster experience. 

Ryujinx is pulling more and more users every day because of the patches it rolls out that consistently improve performance, allowing users to play some of their favorite switch games even at 4k resolution and at speeds higher than 60 fps! It also has all of the necessary and useful additions any emulator could and should have such as resolution scaling which is widely praised by the emulation community as a welcome addition to any emulator.

While the installation of Ryujinx is not as simple as other emulators such as Visual Boy and Dolphin, the minor hassle and research are well worth it, plus there is a detailed installation process on their Github as well as numerous videos on Youtube detailing exactly how to install this awesome Switch Emulator and how to make it work properly.

Thinking of game compatibility and the possibility of wasting hours of your time dumping your Switch Games only to find out that Ryujinx cannot run that game? Worry no more! Both the developers and the community update almost on a daily basis a compatibility list of almost all Switch games old and new, indicating whether it is playable from start to finish without any additional tinkering, this list even includes the much-awaited Metroid Dread.

How about updates and DLCs to your favorite games, will you be able to use those? Yes, you can! Ryujinx allows the user to manage both game updates and DLCs, adding, removing, and disabling them all in one menu. The update and DLC manager also allows you to determine what version you are updating to, making sure that you are selecting the correct update file. 

Although Ryujinx has a long way to go just like all other Nintendo Switch Emulators out there it is progressing at such a steady pace that the future looks very promising and it will most likely enable users to play virtually all of their desired Switch Games on-demand on their desktop computers at resolutions the Switch itself cannot handle and at frames per second other Switch users cannot imagine. This is why Ryujinx has gained such a large following despite its age compared to other emulators.

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