The Best IDE for Beginners

Today we’re going to talk about Brackets.  Now, a top IDE list wouldn’t be complete if we weren’t including an open-source web development IDE. Written in JavaScript, HTLM, and CSS, Brackets is free and open-source software licensed under the MIT free license. It is developed and maintained by Adobe Systems. In my honest opinion, Brackets is more like an entry level IDE than a fully capable feature-packed IDE. You cannot compare Brackets with an IDE like for example Rider by JetBrains. But the good thing is, Brackets does not pretend that it is a fully fledged IDE. It simply does what is advertised.

Open-source refers to the development of software that is free to use and distribute, with source code being made available freely for people to access and change as they wish. It also means the software is made by the community for the community, benefiting from global contributions. Often the concept of open-source can carry its own political agenda and can be a primary reason why a web developer, or any developer/programmer for that matter, would choose particular software. Sometimes this is at the expense of quality, and sometimes in the name of quality, which is the case for Brackets. 

Brackets is a cross-platform web development IDE available for macOS, Windows, and Linux. The live HTML, CSS, and JavaScript editing functionality is the principal purpose of the Brackets web development IDE. This means it is light-weight and flexible, focusing on doing simple things well. However, it does mean it is a little more limited to the others in terms of its compatibility with other programming languages. 

Its main features include a Quick Edit user interface and Live Preview. 

Quick Edits automatically puts context-specific code and tools in line – this avoids code cluttering the interface with multiple panels or icons and is a beneficial UI feature. 

As its central function, Brackets works directly with your browser to make edits instantly. This allows users to move back and forth between real source code and the broker view – this is called the Live Preview feature. 

Because Brackets is open-source and built with the major programming languages, you can contribute to developing the web’s best code editor and benefit from the support of the open-source community to use, develop or distribute the code. 

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